Mar 12, 2021 [Important Notice] For customers using the Multi Function Display NavNet TZtouch Series

Chart Plotter

Nothing Is Faster Than TimeZero™

NavNet TZtouch2's TimeZero™ technology delivers chart processing like you've never seen before – seamless chart handling, zooming and panning without the screen disappearing. TimeZero™ technology redefines the meaning of stress-free operation by smoothing out your chart handling actions.

The Only Acceptable Wait Time is Zero:
TimeZero™ Technology Changes Your Perspective on Chart Redraw

Equipped with powerful TimeZero™ technology, NavNet TZtouch2 will completely transform the way you navigate. You can scroll, pan, zoom in/out with a smooth, fast and seamless graphics engine. Navigating in a 3D environment offers you a true perspective and wider area of view around the ship, which allows you to better plan your routes. TimeZero™ technology updates the information on your screen with virtually no redraw as you go.

Mapmedia Vector and Raster Chart Library

With NavNet TZtouch2 it's possible to freely choose the charts that fit your individual needs. With the optional NOAA raster and vector charts, Mapmedia brings an authentic vector and raster chart library to your NavNet TZtouch2. “C-MAP” as well as “Datacore by Navionics” vector cartography are optional charts that can be downloaded to your TZtouch2 with ease. Mapmedia cartography integrates cutting edge algorithms with high resolution image processing techniques to deliver a fusion of digital navigation charts and satellite photography.

  • 2D Raster

  • 2D Vector

Satellite PhotoFusion™

Satellite photography is included in the Mapmedia Raster and Vector charts, simply called Satellite PhotoFusion™. Land areas (zero depth) are completely opaque, displayed as satellite photos on the chart. As the depth increases, the satellite image is merged with the chart data to provide you with added detail on seabed areas in shallow water, without losing vital chart information. In deeper water, where the satellite photos have no detail to offer, the chart is displayed without alteration.

  • Raster+Satellite

  • Vector+Satellite

Depth Shading

A depth color scale can be applied to both 2D and 3D vector and raster charts. Transparency levels can be adjusted so that chart data is visible beneath the color shading. This unique feature allows you to view water depths at-a-glance with vibrant colors. No more searching for depth numbers, when you can simply set depths to your specified colors. Whether you want to see the depth for navigation or fishing purposes, this feature makes it easier than ever before.

AIS Target Tracking

When connecting a FURUNO FA-30/50/150 AIS unit to your NavNet TZtouch2, up to 100 AIS targets can be tracked and displayed on the Chart Plotter screen. The Automatic Identification System (AIS) improves safety during travel by sharing the status and position of your vessel with other AIS-equipped vessels nearby. You can easily read detailed information about AIS-equipped vessels nearby such as speed, heading, Closest Point of Approach and Time to Closest Point of Approach.