Mar 12, 2021 [Important Notice] For customers using the Multi Function Display NavNet TZtouch Series

Software Update

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NavNet TZtouch software update

Make sure your NavNet is always up to date with the latest software and new features. NavNet TZtouch’s newest software version 3.12 includes some improvements.

Please refer to below video how to update your TZtouch software using the built-in Wireless LAN and an internet connection. (This video is for version 3.01.)

New features

Remote Control Unit Model: MCU-002

The TZT9/14/BB software version 3.12 is optimized to work with the new Remote Control Unit MCU-002.

The MCU-002 is a compact Remote Control Unit for use with the TZT9, TZT14 and TZTBB by USB connection. It offers the expandability of multi touch operation of the TZT9, TZT14 and TZTBB to the hardware key operation, as the best supplemental tool to multi touch operation.

To update your software, follow the procedure below.

1. Saving Routes and Points

It is highly recommended that you save all routes and points before proceeding to the TZT9/14/BB Software Update.

  1. Press the [Home] button, select [Menu] then select the [Files].
  2. Leave the “Export File Format” to “TZD” (native export format) then press the [Export All Points & Routes]:
  3. You can either save the routes and points to the preloaded SD-Card containing the charts [SD-Left], or insert a blank SD-Card into the right slot and press [SD-Right]:

2. Procedures for Updating via the Internet

If the TZT9/14/BB has software version 2.01 or higher already installed, and you have an Internet connection, follow the steps below for updating to software version 3.12. If an older version of software is installed, or if you do not have an internet connection, software should be updated using an SD-Card.

  1. Press the [Home] button, then select [Menu] in the upper left side of the screen.
  2. Select [General Menu], then select the [Select] box next to “Wireless LAN Settings”.
  3. Turn the Wireless [ON] and select [Connecting to existing LAN].
  4. Find an access point and select the [Connect] box.
  5. Enter the password of the access point with a virtual keyboard and select the [OK] box.
  6. After the Internet conenction is established (see the " " symbol), tap the [Close] box to go back to the General Menu.
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the General Menu, and select the [Update] box next to “Check for Software Update”.
  8. A pop-up message indicating “Checking new version availability...” will appear, as shown in the following images.


  9. If there is an updated version of software available, the following message will appear. Select [Yes] to download the software.



    If the TZT9/14/BB software is up-to-date, you will see the following message:


    If the Internet connection is not available, you will see the following message:


  10. A new pop-up window will appear, indicating the progress of the download. Wait until the download is complete.



    Download speeds will vary depending on your connection speed. The version 3.12 upgrade file is about 170 MB, which will take approximately 10 minutes with a good Internet connection.

  11. When the download is complete, you will be prompted to install the update. If you are ready to install the software, select [Yes].



    If you select [No], the box will disappear. To start the software installation, scroll down to the bottom of the General Menu, and select the [Update] box again next to “Check for Software Update”, so that the box will appear.




    After pressing [Yes], it will take about 10 seconds before the software update process begins.



    Software updates should only be performed while in port, not while underway. The update process will take a few minutes. During the update process the TZT9/14/BB will display several different screens, and will reboot a couple of times. When the update is complete, the unit will turn off and stay off.


    The following screens will appear during the update process:


    "Please wait, rebooting application." message


  12. When you are certain the unit has turned off for the last time (wait 1 minute after the unit has shut down to be sure it will not reboot again), turn on the TZT9/14/BB by pressing the power button.
  13. Verify the TZT9/14/BB displays version 3.12 in the lower left hand corner while booting up, as shown in the following screen shot.
  14. The TZT9/14/BB is now updated. Repeat these procedures for every TZT9/14/BB unit in the network.