Mar 12, 2021 [Important Notice] For customers using the Multi Function Display NavNet TZtouch Series

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The new, intuitive graphic remote display lets you easily view the data you need

  • 4.3" "Sunlight Viewable" color LCD (Brightness: 700 cd)
  • Enhanced data legibility thanks to large characters and high resolution display
  • Customizable display format from Full-screen to a 6-way split screen presentation
  • Supports both CAN bus and NMEA0183 interfaces
  • Two independent CAN bus input and output ports incorporated for daisy chain networking
  • Internal NMEA0183/CAN bus conversion capability available
  • Simultaneous alarm monitoring capabilities for the following data:
    Water Temp/Depth/Speed/Arrival/Anchor/XTE/Trip/Odometer/Timer and Countdown Timer/Roll & Pitch/Wind Speed/Wind Direction/Battery

Display a Variety of Information

The RD-33 accepts a wide variety of navigation data and displays them in numerical and graphic formats. You may freely select and arrange which data is displayed on the screen. Furthermore, seven patterns of customized display settings can be stored in the memory to give speedy access and convenience while onboard.

Depth Depth
Speed Speed Through Water, Maximum /Average Speed Through Water, Speed Over Ground, Maximum/Average Speed Over Ground, Velocity Made Good, Trip, Odometer
Timer Stopwatch, Timer
Wind Wind Speed, Maximum True Wind Speed, Wind Angle, Low Apparent Wind Angle, High Apparent Wind Angle, Beaufort Wind, Ground Wind
Heading Heading, Heading Average, Locked Heading, Next Tack, Course Over Ground, Course Made Good, Distance Made Good, Rate Of Turn
Navigation Bearing, Locked Bearing, Range to Destination, Cross Track Error, Waypoint No., Waypoint Name, Position, Course Over Ground, Speed Over Ground, Satellites, Roll/Pitch, Roll, Pitch, Destination, Estimated Time of Arrival, Time, ETA Date, Time Difference, Laylines
Environment Voltage, Time, Date, Water Temperature, Air Temperature, Air Pressure, Humidity, Wind Chill, Dew Point
Autopilot Rudder Angle
Engine Fuel Information, Fuel Rate, Engine RPM, Engine Trim, Boost, Engine Temperature, Engine Hours, Oil Press, Oil Temperature, Coolant, Engine Load
Fishery Current Speed, Current Direction

Graphic Display Styles

The RD-33 features a visually appealing fresh new look, combining easy access with user functionality. Thanks to the bright, high-resolution LCD, the RD-33 provides an easy-to-read display to monitor information from remote equipment, through an intuitive graphical user interface.

NAV data




Roll & Pitch

Rate of Turn

Customizable Split-Screen Presentation

You can customize the view to display the information in the format that works best for you. The RD-33 allows you to split the screen in up to six separate segments and provides graphical or numerical representations of environmental sign changes to facilitate navigation.



The RD-33 is a navigational data organizer that allows the operator to select the perfect way to display data from interfaced equipment such as GPS, chartplotter, radar, fish finder, autopilot, instruments and other sensors including engine information. The high contrast, color 4.3" LCD may be installed in a compact space, remote from its sources. The screen is impressively bright, remarkably crisp and easy to read. Various display modes are available including Speedometer, Highway and Text. The text mode presents up to six of the most necessary types of data. The display layout can be customized for your specific needs. This versatile product can also be added to a NavNet 3D system, displaying a variety of navigation data from the CAN bus network.