Mar 12, 2021 [Important Notice] For customers using the Multi Function Display NavNet TZtouch Series

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Depth Shading

A depth color scale can be applied on both 2D and 3D vector and raster charts. Transparency levels can be adjusted so that the chart data is visible beneath the color shading. This unique feature allows you to view water depths at-a-glance with vibrant colors. No more searching for depth numbers, when you can simply set depths to your specified colors. Whether you want to see the depth for navigation or fishing purposes, this new feature makes it easier than ever.

Preloaded Tides and Currents information

NavNet TZtouch also comes preloaded with global tide and current information, which can be overlaid onto the chart display.

1 Tide Symbol

Tide symbols are located where tidal recording stations are. When you place your finger on the tide symbol, the symbol is magnified. By selecting a tide symbol, you can view a graph with predictions for minimum/maximum tidal height as well as times for sunset and sunrise.

2 Current Indicator

Arrows indicate current direction, while size and color indicates current speed.