Network Sensors:Radar

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Radar Sensors

The NavNet TZtouch radar processor is incorporated into a radome antenna or gearbox. Simply plug in Ethernet and power cable connectors and you will have digital radar sensor within your NavNet TZtouch network. The IP address is automatically assigned to the radar sensor for true Plug and Play installation.

NavNet TZtouch Radar Sensor Options

Frequency Solid-state,
25 W
4 kW 4 kW 6 kW 12 kW 25 kW
Size 24 inch 24 inch 3.5 ft 4 ft 4 ft/6 ft 4 ft/6 ft
Antenna Type Radome Radome Open Open Open Open
Beam Width Horizontal 3.9° 3.9° 2.3° 1.9° 1.9°/1.4° 1.9°/1.4°
Vertical 25° 25° 22° 22° 22°/22° 22°/22°
Max. Range 36 nm 36 nm 48 nm 64 nm 72 nm 96 nm
48 rpm Capability
Power Amp Unit
- PSU-012/
PSU012 PSU012 PSU012 PSU013

The radar antenna complies with IEC62252 Ed.1:2004 (Clauses 4.33, 5.33, Annex D)relevant to radio characteristic.

FURUNO CAN bus base network

The NavNet radar sensor incorporates a CAN bus port to which FURUNO’s CAN bus sensors such as the Weather Station, the GP-330B GPS Sensor and the SC-30 Satellite Compass can be directly connected. Power for these networked CAN bus sensors is supplied from the CAN bus. This unique feature allows for flexible installation of multiple CAN bus sensors without the need to run cables all the way to the main processor unit.
CAN bus data can be converted and distributed throughout the NavNet Ethernet network.