MOB Pendant System Ready

Any NN3D system is compatible with every Wireless MOB Pendant System through the MOB Contact Closure Input.

* For the US market only

What is CAN bus?

CAN bus is a communication protocol that shares multiple data and signals through a single backbone cable. You can simply connect any CAN bus devices onto the backbone cable to expand your network onboard. With CAN bus, IDs are assigned to all the devices, and status of each sensor in the network can be detected. All the CAN bus devices can be incorporated into the NMEA2000 network.

All the NavNet 3D radar sensors incorporate a CAN bus port to which certain CAN bus sensors can be directly connected. Power for these networked sensors is supplied directly from the radar itself. This unique feature allows for flexible installation of multiple CAN bus sensors without the need to run cables all the way to the main processor unit. CAN bus data is converted and distributed throughout the NavNet 3D Ethernet network.

Building Block Solution

NavNet 3D is built on an Ethernet network, allowing you to add as few or as many components as you desire along with up to ten displays to create your perfect navigational suite.

Further, you can connect NMEA0183 and CAN bus devices to any display or BB processor and share that information across the Ethernet network automatically. User setting data can also be transferred by using SD cards for synchronization of operation settings amongst networked displays. Power on/off synchronization amongst all of the NavNet 3D display units can be achieved when the dedicated Ethernet hub HUB101 is used. The NavNet 3D system is built upon the most advanced chart plotter technology.

Add to this UHD™ Radar and FDF™ Fish Finder, along with your choice from a wide variety of sensor options and up to ten displays. In addition, FURUNO’s NAVpilot autopilot can also be connected to the system. It is easy to see how the basic chart plotter display becomes the genesis of the most sophisticated navigational suite available.

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